Our first commercial account

Top hotels & resorts in SW Florida have fallen in love with the uniqueness, naturalness and high-end quality of our soaps. Our first commercial customer established was the Sanibel Harbour - Resort & Spa. To provide a unique experience for their gift shop patrons, we have designed an exclusive fragrance that is reminiscent of our beautiful state of Florida. We can't tell you what it'll just have to visit this amazing place and pick one up yourself.

If you represent a commercial business and are interested in our supply of 100% natural, handmade and made-to-order soaps, please write to us at 

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Our current coverage area

For the foreseeable future - and as we continue to work on this brand new business and further expand our horizons - we will only be able to ship to you via our online store to any of our 50 United States. As soon as we can ship internationally we will certainly let you all know.

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How we ship to you

We have decided to support one of America's oldest postal services dating back to 1775 when Ben Franklin was its Post Master. We are proud to support this institution by providing you our customers with a variety of high quality, expedient, and reliable postal services - First Class and Priority Mail.